About SAFE-T-View MiRRors


    Trust Mark Compliance

    SAFE-T-VIEW Convex Mirrors holds Trust Mark Compliance ISO9001 which is the super-star of all compliance programs. Since its release in the 1980's ISO9001 has become the most used and published standard in the world. It has been accepted and adopted "as is" by most industrialised countries in the world and is very much a "passport to trade".

    In essence, ISO9001 Certification reflects an Organisation's commitment to quality, leadership, systems and the sound and stable processes, which can deliver consistently safe products or services that meet their customers' expectations.

    Safe-T-View Convex Mirrors

    Through innovative use of technologies and materials SAFE-T-VIEW Convex Mirrors are leaders in the design and construction of convex mirrors.

    All products in the SAFE-T-VIEW range are manufactured to meet a wide variety of applications and environments. Locally manufactured and assembled from Australian and imported components they are engineered for long life, eye-catching style, and easy installation.

    We apply modern technology and the most up-to-date materials to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. All our specifications are subject to change in line with our on-going product improvement policy.

    Our History

    R E Mandl + Co Pty Ltd was incorporated in 1963, and have been active in import-export and wholesale distribution of various products since that time. Successful marketing of convex mirrors began in 1975. 

    Our activities have expanded greatly since then and are now carried on under our registered trading name of SAFE-T-VIEW Convex Mirrors.

    Our distribution covers all states of Australia and we are the largest national company distributor of convex mirrors.

    With the growth of our business we have changed from importing to manufacturing most parts of our convex mirror range in Australia, and a large part of it in our modern factory in Brookvale, NSW.

    Quality Management Systems were incorporated into our workflow in 1996 and we now have Trust Mark ISO9001 compliance and certification.

    Our products are constantly reviewed, re-designed and improved to suit market requirements and to benefit from new technology. This results in a range of highly competitive convex mirrors for our customers at all levels, at all times.

    Our team at SAFE-T-VIEW Convex Mirrors maintains a friendly, high quality environment to provide you with professional assistance, excellent value and ongoing support to give you the best solution for your safety, security and surveillance needs.