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    Dome Mirrors

    SAFE-T-VIEW Dome Mirrors are highly versatile, lightweight alternative for indoor applications

    SAFE-T-VIEW Dome Mirrors are highly versatile lightweight alternative mirrors for indoor applications where general surveillance of a specific area is required, or when central observation is preferred.

    Domes provide a broader coverage than standard mirrors and are suited for applications at corners, four-way intersections or t-intersections. Use dome, half dome and quarter dome mirrors for extra wide observation.

    Domes are measured viewer to mirror only.

    Distance guide for traffic mirrors depends on the need to be noticed, area coverage required and the speed of the traffic – a larger mirror helps reduce reaction time.


    Full domes may be suspended on chains or fastened to ceiling and provide a 360 degree view.

    • Provides broader coverage than standard mirror.
    • No adjustment required - flush mounting.
    • Available sizes: 900mm and 600mm.


    Half domes provide a 180 degree view.

    • Available sizes: 900mm x 450mm and 600mm x 300mm

    Corner DOMES

    Corner domes provide a 90 degree view.

    • Available sizes: 300mm x 300mm and 450mm x 450mm