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    Outdoor Mirrors - Premium

    Extremely durable, weatherproof construction

    With a mirror polished stainless steel face and high visibility orange visor, mounted with an extremely robust post bracket, this almost unbreakable, all weather mirror is suitable for road and rail safety, mining applications and isolated locations where vandalism may be a problem. Security caps cover fixings.

    Improve safety and protect your property with industrial quality Safe-T-View Convex Mirrors. 

    At intersections with poor visibility, sharp bends, obscured entry-exit locations, carparks and where heavy trucks or forklifts are in operation, the risk of property damage or serious personal injury is heightened. Convex mirrors help prevent accidents by extending the field of vision of drivers and pedestrians.

    SAFE-T-VIEW Outdoor Convex Mirrors are widely accepted by municipal councils, railways, mining companies and heavy industry.

    Less convex than indoor mirrors to provide a larger image, essential for road and traffic safety (Premium and Standard outdoor).

    • Orange visor and surround calls attention to the mirror (Premium and Standard outdoor).
    • Stainless steel mirror with an almost flat convex face to give largest image size.
    • Post mount or wall mount.         
    • Convex shape prevents dazzling glare.
    • Extremely durable, weatherproof construction.
    • Low-cost, no-maintenance solution to improved safety.
    • Sizes available: 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm.
    • Our non-slip serrated ball joint designed to ensure the mirrors don't fall out of alignment.
    • Weatherproof UV stabilized back and brackets to ensure long life.