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    Specialty - Inspection Mirrors

    SAFE-T-View Inspection Mirrors are an ideal tool for viewing hard to see areas.

    Under Vehicle Mirrors

    Under Vehicle Mirrors are a range of high quality mirrors, ergonomically designed by SAFE-T-VIEW to meet the rigours of security and surveillance work. They are strongly built; highly adaptable for viewing under vehicles, inaccessible places and other hard-to-get areas. 

    The mirror faces are 300mm diameter, either in highly polished stainless steel or in mirror-faced acrylic at your option. This group of mirrors is ideal for correctional and detention centres, military establishments, customs posts and other applications where the threat of terrorism, smuggling or other unlawful activity is likely.

    Military Models

    SAFE-T-VIEW manufacture portable inspection mirrors for applications where direct lines of sight are difficult to achieve. 

    This range of mirrors features telescopic extension handles that are electrically non-conductive. They feature a wide degree of mirror adjustment.

    Highly suitable for use in security services, anti-terrorism, for anti-drug squads, armed forces and police departments.