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    Specialty - Polycarb Mirrors

    Available in Full Dome, Half Dome and Corner Dome

    PolyCarbonite Mirrors come with a fully enclosed steel powder coated frame ( no hang points).

    For indoor only high risk, correctional and mental health applications.

    Polycarbonate is an extremely strong, impact resistant thermoplastic polymer. It has a tensile strength of 9,400 psi at room temperature (ASTM D638) and impact strength of 10 – 20J. Therefore it can withstand successive impacts and pressure without breaking.

    Along with high tensile strength polycarbonate has an element of flexibility that helps the material absorb any impacts. This makes it rock resistant, bullet resistant and resistant to repeated blows. The polycarbonate mirror will reassume its original shape after a blow, whereas stainless steel will bend or dent and acrylic may break.

    Polycarbonate has a resistance to many chemicals including highly concentrated mineral acids, many organic acids, neutral and acid salt solutions and most alcohols. Our polycarbonate also has a very high heat resistance, with the ability to withstand constant temperatures of up to 115°C, with softening beginning at temperatures greater than 140°C.

    Polycarbonate is lightweight – half the weight of glass and 44% the weight of aluminium – yet has amazingly high impact resistance and rigidity.

    Our Polycarbonate complies with the American National Standard Z97.1 – 1975 for building safety glazing, making it the ideal choice for use in American Justice Facilities.